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Senior Women's Administrator

Women's sports has made tremendous gains over the last decade. One of newest positions in the athletic department is that of Women's Athletic Administrator. Title IX has opened up many new collegiate teams for women. Most schools have the position either as an equal to the men's Athletic director or as a senior women’s executive in the Athletic department. The growth of women’s sports has created the need for a women’s administrator to oversee all the operations, fundraising, marketing, compliance, competition, coaches and players. Today, this position is seen as one of the most significant sports careers for women. Experience. A college degree with a master's or Ph.D. preferred. Resume Builders. It helps to be a women. While many coaches in women's sports remain men, colleges feel senior administrators for women’s athletics should be women. Experience in budgeting, planning, and managing is important. A connection to athletics, past participation in women's athletics as a coach or player is beneficial. Salary Ranges. From intro. $45,000, average - $70,000 to the top at $200,000 plus perks and bonuses.Back to top
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Athletic Director

The AD is considered the top executive in the Athletic Department, he/she runs the entire department. Overseeing the budget, hiring coaches, scheduling competition, building or repairing facilities and working closely with alumni ( fundraising ). This position is very similar from the small college to the very large university. Experience. A degree in liberal arts with a preference given to candidates with a master's or Ph.D. Resume Builders. Good educational background. Experience in college administration as an assistant or associate athletic director. Strong management and budgeting skills. Salary Ranges. From; intro. - $45,000, average - $70,000 to the top at $200,000 plus perks and bonuses.Back to top
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Associate Athletic Director

The associate athletic director is the link between the AD and the coaching and department heads. The associate AD will be overseeing the departments on issues such as staff motivation, budgets and compliance with governing rules. It is the associate Ad's job to keep the AD informed and aware as to the condition of each department. Some major universities will have a hand-full of associate Ad's while smaller colleges will not have one. Experience. College degree required; master's Ph.D. preferred. Resume Builders. Experience in managing people. Strong educational background. Expertise in a specific area of sports administration, such as finance, ticketing, NCAA rules and regulations, or marketing. Salary Ranges.  From, intro. - $40,000, average - $45,000 to the top at $75,000.Back to top
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Booster Club Coordinator

The booster Club Coordinator will primarily be responsible for the general well being of the alumni. Alumni, through donations, are responsible for a large part of the money that runs the athletic department. So, keeping the alumni members happy is key to continuing the flow of donations to the athletic department. This position will also be responsible for making sure that all contact with the players and donations made to the school follow the NCAA governing rules. Just knowing a lot of the Alumni will not make one a great boosters club coordinator. One must posses the ability to raise funds. Experience. Educational/ administrative background., often times from the institution that you are representing. Creative ideas for fund-raising and activities. Knowledge of NCAA or NAIA rules governing alumni/ booster activity. Familiarity with booster club programs. Resume Builders. Getting work experience in fund raising can be had by working for any one of the non-profit organizations. American Red Cross, Cystic Fibrosis, American Lung Association, etc... Salary Ranges. From, intro. - $17,000, average $40,000 to the top $65,000.Back to top

College Coach

A position as a college coach is many times the highest position within that sport for coaching. Many larger institutions have coaches and assistant coaches who just coach. Some smaller institutions or non-revenue generating sports have coaches who may also teach on campus. Winning is the key to longevity in this field. The main responsibility of a coach is to recruit the athletes and prepare them for competition. If these are not done properly, then it is obvious through the win/loss record. It may appear to be rather harsh, but it is a reality of the profession. To get a college coaching position, one usually has competed at that level before. It is also necessary to have a degree and in most cases a graduate degree. If you are looking at coaching position with a major sport, then you better have a good record as well. Experience. A degree in education, sports administration and a master's degree where teaching school is required. Resume Builders. It helps to have experience. Start out as an athlete, move into coaching the high school level, jr. college level, assistant coach at a small college, head coach ( small college ) then you are ready for positions at one of the major institutions. Salary Ranges. From intro. $20,000, average, $35,000, to the top, $1,000,000 plus.Back to top
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Conference Administration

Each of the different divisions within college athletics have conferences. These conferences have their own staff to oversee the member institutions within. Some of the different departments that you will find in a conference office will include; public relations, broadcasting, enforcement and compliance, officiating, marketing and championships administration. Each of these departments handle the daily business of that particular area for the member institutions. For example, the public relations department handles the publicity for the conference. The officiating department handles all recruiting, training, scheduling, travel and pay of the officials for competition. The size of each staff depends on the number of schools in that conference. Experience. Degree in business, liberal arts, master's and Ph.D. preferred. Resume Builders. Gaining familiarity with NCAA rules and regulations. Picking up experience at a member institution. Doing an internship with the conference you are interested in working for. Salary Ranges From, intro. - $15,000, average $40,000 to the top $150,000.Back to top
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Academic Counseling

There are a number of different colleges and universities that have separate counselors for the athletic department. These counselors work closely with the student-athlete on their academic life. Helping with tutors, study sessions, picking courses for graduation, and career guidance. Experience. Becoming an academic counselor for the student body in general. The requirements are a degree in education, with an emphasis on academic counseling. Resume Builders. Strong educational background. Academic counseling experience. Good relationship with faculty and staff. Salary Ranges. From, intro. - $12,000, average - $25,000 to the top - $45,000.Back to top
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Compliance Coordinator

Every college and university has someone on staff to make sure that the institution is not violating any rules or regulations set forth by the NCAA, the NAIA, or the conference with which it competes. The individual in charge of this will have complete knowledge of all rules, rule interpretations and changes to the rules. Communication with all department heads, coaches, student-athletes and administrators is key to the success of the individual and the institution. There are a number of changes each year, and the rules continue to get more and more complicated. A result of this growth, is the fact that a number of coaches and or students may or may not know that they are indeed violating the rules, so good communication and a better understanding of the rules prevents any trouble. Experience. A great place to start on this career track is working for the NCAA or the NAIA. Another good start is within the athletic department. Resume Builders.  College degree. Thorough knowledge of NCAA or NAIA rules and regulations. Salary Ranges. From, intro. - $20,000, average - $35,000 to the top - $70,000.Back to top
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Equipment Manager

All purchasing, maintenance and record keeping of equipment used by the institution is the responsibility of the equipment manager. With the help of student volunteers, much of this position becomes budget control and inventory control. Experience. Most equipment managers start out as volunteers, then take a job at the institution. Resume Builders. Starting early in your college career, either by volunteering or working part-time. Familiarity with sporting equipment. Ability to work with a budget. Salary Ranges. From, intro. - $17,000, average - $30,000 to the top - $45,000.Back to top
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Facilities Management

Facilities managers of the past only needed to know two things, the gym and the field. Today however, the facilities manager has to be aware of the softball diamond, the swimming pool, the basketball arena, the football stadium, the track and field venue and many more practice facilities. College athletics has grown and so has the venues with which they are played. The facilities manager will need to count on the staff of the institution to help with the daily maintenance. Experience. Many of the facilities managers of today come with a background of engineering or architecture. Understanding the infrastructure helps in the daily and long term maintenance of a facility. Resume Builders. A degree in engineering and/or architecture. Start by volunteering or interning with an institution. Salary Ranges. From, inter - $20,000, average - $40,000, to the top, $70,000.Back to top
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Fund Raising

No institution can function without the capital to run it. The athletic department is no different. Fund raising is a major part of the overall success of the athletic department. Many schools have a single person working on alumni relations to ensure that the relationships remain strong between the department and the alumni ( see Boosters Club Coordinator ). The Fund Raisers in not the only one involved with the effort. From the Athletic Director down to the Coach, they are all involved. It is very important to keep the cash flow constant so that the budget for the department doesn't run into trouble. Alumni are a valuable source, but not the only one for the athletic department. A fund raiser will have to be very creative in seeking out new and innovative ways to generate capital. Some institutions have golf tournaments, walk-a-thons, charity balls and dinners. There are a lot of functions to attend and corporate VP's to speak with when you are a Fund Raiser. Experience. Most Fund Raisers have a degree in sports administration, with most colleges and universities offering internships, either within the athletic department or the institutions' fund raising office. Resume Builders. Degree in business, liberal arts and/or sports administration. Get an internship for experience and first hand knowledge. Working with non-profit organizations. Familiarity with the community, prominent alumni, business leaders. Creative, low-cost fund-raising ideas. Willingness to work long hours, weekends. Salary Ranges. Ranges from, inter - $22,000, average - $40,000, to the top - $60,000.Back to top
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Health Care

Many health care providers are physicians who have a majority of their work come from the general public. However, those physicians that have established their practice as "the" practice of the university, reap the rewards as such. Great passes for games to mention one. Being the team physician, optometrist, dentist and/or therapist has its' down side as well. The institution will expect that their student-athletes will be seen immediately upon request. Some times this means changing your appointment schedule to accommodate them. There is extensive travel to all the away games, working weekends and nights. Experience. Most physicians have their own practice, while helping out at the institution Degrees in MD, DDS or appropriate licenses. Resume Builders. Being a leader in your field of health care. Willingness to put the needs of the college athletes ahead of those of other patience in your practice. Availability to travel with the team and attend all events, as needed. Salary Ranges. From, inter $15,000, average, $50,000, to the top level $200,000 plus.Back to top
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Marketing Director

In today's competitive environment, the institutions are finding it more and more very difficult to get people to come to the games. Without an extensive marketing plan you will loose those fans to other sporting events. There are more viewing options for the general fan, so the marketing director has to come up with creative ways to fill the seats. In general the Marketing director is responsible for advertising the sports teams competing for the institution. Areas of responsibility include working with local and national media, selling school merchandise, selling tickets and handling public relations and special events. Many schools are trying to compete with an additional staff member who specializes in marketing. Experience. A degree in business or liberal arts. Master's degree in marketing or sports administration preferred. Resume Builders. Getting started in this area requires first fulfilling the school work to get your degree. A strong educational background. Hands on experience from a major university or a professional team will always be beneficial. Entry level positions usually handle promotions or as an assistant to the marketing director. Salary Ranges. From, inter - $17,000, average, $35,000, to the top, $50,000.Back to top
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Recruiting Coordinator

The recruiting coordinator will be responsible for providing the athletes that will produce a championship team. Evaluating mostly football and basketball athletes, the recruiting coordinator will work with the recruiting staff, professors, administrators and coaches to evaluate candidates for scholarships. Recruiting takes patience, insights and the ability to be a great communicator. Speaking with teenagers, high school coaches and parents takes a tremendous talent. One must be able to convince the prospect that your school is " the " to attend. Before trying to influence the decision of the student/ athlete, the recruiter must be able to evaluate the skills on the playing field. Will the talent in front of you, become an event greater talent in five years, will a growth spurt help or in some cases hurt athletic performance. The recruiter must also be able to handle criticism. Coaches may complain that the athlete isn't everything that was expected, or the alumni members may be upset with the level of overall talent on the squads. Experience. A college degree combined with coaching experience is necessary. Resume Builders. Teaching and coaching at the high school or college level. Experience evaluating athletes. These tow things combined with organizational skills and communication skills. Salary Ranges. From, intro. - $17,000, average, $30,000, to the top, $70,000.Back to top

Sports Information

Within the athletic department, the sports information office has been around for what seems to be the longest time. Chronicling athletic achievements by the institutions teams has been one of the main responsibilities. Working closely with the media to make sure that the press received for these achievements is correct. As one of the more important areas within the athletic department, the staff for some of the major universities can be as many as twelve. The sports information director will coordinate the coaches schedule, the students class schedule, media interviews, newspaper deadlines as well as television air-times. Along with all these responsibilities, the staff in the sports information department is also responsible for handling all information needed for game day. This includes all sports, which at times means there could be three or four events going on at once. The press will need stats from each quarter or half, there are questions to answers for newspaper articles, phone lines to hook up and you must be able to meet the demands of the press core. The ability to manage a small army is key for the successful Sports Information Director. The staff that it requires to run an event or multiple events is usually made up of student volunteers. These individuals work only for the event, so it is crucial that quality directions and guidance is given. The Sports Information Director will usually have tremendous writing skills, probably a degree in journalism or communications. Experience. A journalism background and training. Public relations background and training. A willingness to work long hours with an enthusiasm for all sports, not limited to the major sports. Resume Builders. This can easily be obtained while attending college. There are a lot of day-of-game positions to be filled. This work or volunteering will give the exposure and background needed to apply for an Assistant Sports Information Director position. Salary Ranges. From intro. $12,000, average, $35,000, to the top, $60,000.Back to top
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Strength and Conditioning Coach

The strength and Conditioning coach is a relatively new position within athletics. It wasn't until recently that athletes began working on their strength and conditioning. With the help of advanced science, nutrition and a better understanding of the skills needed to perform at peak levels for prolonged periods of time, the practice of strength and conditioning is a large part of today's training. In the past an assistant coach would help out or maybe an ex-athlete. Experience. Today however one needs a degree in nutrition, kinesiology, or education to become a strength and conditioning coach. Resume Builders. A scientific background or training. The field is changing so rapidly, those without a solid academic foundation are being left behind. The ability to work with a wide variety of athletes, both male and female, in a wide variety of sports. Experience in teaching or coaching. Salary Ranges. From intro. $20,000, average, $30,000, to the top, 50,000.Back to top
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Tickets Director

Any athletic department can produce a great product on the field, have the best staff in the country, but what it all comes down to at the end of the quarter, is how many fans did we put in the seats. The Ticket Manager is responsible for tracking all the tickets, the revenue and accounting. For many larger schools, this money can add up into the millions. Depending on the size of the institution, there can be a staff involved with the sales and distribution of tickets. The Ticket Manager is responsible for coming up with season ticket packages, corporate packages, and individual group sales incentives. With the technology available today, the staff size has been decreased. The time the computer has freed up is now being used for creative thinking on new marketing strategies for season ticket sales. Ticket Sales is a real thankless job. It is a position that nobody thinks about until something has gone wrong. The director of this position must be able to handle stress, angry customers, and manage a staff to do the same. Experience. A degree in business and or accounting, Customer service experience is also helpful. Resume Builders. Experience in working with cash transactions. The ability to pay high attention to detail. Experience with tickets. To get it, volunteer or work part-time during particularly busy times, like when season tickets are mailed out or the two weeks before a big event. Computer experience combined with customer service. Salary Ranges. From intro. $15,000, average, $30,000, to the top, $40,000.Back to top
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Athletic Trainer

The position of trainer over the years has gone through many changes. At first, the trainer was also the coach. Then the trainers handled the physical conditioning, and now they act more like a doctor and rehab coordinator. The trainers goal is to be as proactive as possible when it comes to injury. If, however an athlete gets injured, then the Trainers job becomes more involved. Designing treatment programs and overseeing rehab. Many athletes want to be back playing in a day, it is the job of the trainer to make sure that the athlete doesn't do more damage while trying to rush back to competition. Experience. Again a great way to start is by volunteering or working part-time while in school. Try to find a paid graduate assistant position later in your college career. Once you have graduated, look into a paid Assistant Trainers position. Resume Builders. An educational background, degree in physical therapy, biomechanics, exercise physiology preferred. A state license if one is required. Some experience injury prevention and treatment. Finally a familiarity with sports medicine. Salary Ranges. From intro. $18,000, average $35,000, to the top, $45,000.Back to top
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Video Services Coordinator

Once again we are seeing the technology of today's society making headway's into today's athletic programs. Teams have been using film for a long time to review games and opponents. With today's technology however, the use of video and the advancement in editing capabilities, allows the coaches to break down and isolate individual performance. This allows the athlete and coach to look for one thing in particular thus gaining a better understanding in a shorter amount of time. The Video Services position in responsible for filming all games and practices for such purposes. They may also work with the next opponents film to break down their weaknesses and or strengths for review. Experience. A degree in television or communications. Working with the athletic department while obtaining your degree will give you time in the edit room and a full understanding for what the coaches will be looking for. Resume Builders. An ability to operate video equipment: cameras and editing machines. The ability to edit. If you are a good editor, and fast you will be much more valuable. Many schools have video equipment they will allow students to use, sort of an on-the-job training. Take advantage of the situation to practice your skills. One of best things to do is let the current director know your schedule. If you can be available on dime, the director will call you when for example a basketball game conflicts with a track meet. Salary Ranges. From intro. $12,000, average, $25,000, to the top $ 35,000.Back to top
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